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You can practice your flying skills online and still save a lot. A set of flight simulator games or software can be very expensive. These can be played online to save money. Google Earth provides an online flight simulator that you can use for free. You can play the game online from your web browser. This simulator allows you to fly at more than 30,000 airports all around the world. Joystick control is available. You can also select a multiplayer mode that allows you to fly with other pilots. What software can you download and how do I play it?

First, find a Google Earth-based online simulator. Next, download the Google Earth plug in. After the game starts, the installation will automatically complete. Flash Player must be installed in order to enable the sound. You will need to install the JavaScript Joystick plugin first. This is because it makes joystick control more natural and comfortable. The option bar is the main way to control your simulator. It is located at bottom of the screen. The options bar allows you to choose the plane, camera mode and destination. It is possible to control the flight simulator by using the keyboard and mouse. Instructions can be found on-line.

As in a real plane, the simulator ทางเข้า ufabet also has five cameras. You can select which camera modes you would like to see. Each mode has its own unique function. Selecting the destination can be done by using the option bar.

You can also select the location where you would like to take off by using the Google map option in the bar. You can choose from either the standard or aeronautical mode. The runway threshold is marked by dots. Click on the dots to activate an info balloon. It will display information about your options, including “fly by” and “take-off form”. In this example, you could fly from Singapore to Dubai, and then choose Paris as your destination in the option bar.